Washing Hoist Slings

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      Julie Moffett

      Can you tell me what your hospital/facility does for washing slings. At HBDHB our slings should be sent to Allied Laundry after each patient or soiling. The problem is they sometimes don’t get returned, and when they do, it is 7-10 days. This means that some wards wash theirs by hand but IPC are not happy with this.
      Any suggestions?

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      Hi Julie
      I work at SCDHB and we have a laundry onsite but staff still complain that they don’t also come back and this happening with slides sheet too. Our sling are named as well and it doesn’t seem to make much different. I can understand IPC not being happy about hand washing. Sorry I don’t have any solutions and I know it’s a common problem with other places. Hopefully someone has a solution.

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      Hi Julie
      I work at Waitemata DHB and all our permanent slings are laundered in a Private wash by Taylor’s who are responsible for all our linen.We have a special laundry form which accompanies the sling and staff are reminded to ensure the sling is clearly marked with the ward and HOSPITAL.This seems to work well. The other option would be to use disposable slings which are especially useful for patients with infection control issues.
      Good luck with this 🙂

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      Michelle Nevil

      Last year at Whanganui DHB we identified the same problem that you are having Julie. We too send our slings to Allied laundry. Due to slings not being labelled properly we often did not have them returned. Overall we had a shortage in each ward and at the time slings were a departmental purchase and ownership.
      We decided to purchase more slings that were labelled specifically “Whanganui” and not “WDHB” as in the past. We also made them an organisational item vs departmental.
      Secondly we liaised with our local Allied laundry workers and have them on board as part of the sling allocation team.
      I worked with ward nurses to identify exactly how many slings of each size they would need at any given time and now have the Allied laundry staff ensure that their is always a specific number of slings in each area.
      I’m assuming they do this when they deliver clean laundry to the wards first thing in the morning.
      It has been working very well and I have been really happy with the outcome.
      Hope this helps.

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      Julie Moffett

      Thank you all for your replies. Michelle, that sounds like a very good plan. We do not have standard hoist types so it would be difficult to purchase slings to cover between all wards. Do you have that problem?
      Do you have a storage room for any excess, if none are out at Allied Laundry at the time?
      How did you work out what surplus you would need to cover washing times?
      Thanks again

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      Kate Edmond

      We use Allied Laundry in Palmerston North, however we are looking at getting Arjo to launder our slings as they seem to go missing.

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      Angela Greetham

      Hi Julie,
      We had the same problem so we developed our own label for the BOPDHB as we were losing $1000 dollars in lost slings at Taylors Linen Services Hamilton. Our label clearly states the ward area and the name of the hospital and the other legislative requirements. No slings have gone missing since,

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