Use of slide sheets/slippery sams in theatre and static electricity

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    Michelle Nevil

    Hi I all, I recently had someone express concern over the use of slide sheets in the operating room.
    They reported that the use of slide sheets is creating static charges that are giving rise to staff receiving electric shocks from patients after sliding to and from the operating table and patient’s bed.
    They also felt that the static discharge is of sufficient magnitude to induce micro shock for selected patients.
    What are your thoughts?
    A colleague just did a pub. med research and found that the last study on static electricity was done over 40 years ago.

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    Kate Browne

    Hi Michelle,

    I have attached a link below to an article on static charges which gives a perspective on the relative risk of static charge from slide sheets.
    You will note that this article is an opinion expressed by the company who sells slide sheets .
    That being said, anecdotally in 13 years working in this field I have yet to hear of any actual adverse incident relating to a static charge.

    The slide sheet types they are referring to is Dragon: Durable nylon ripstop, with a water repellant urethane coating
    and the other is Polyester Tafetta with a pigmented silicon coating.

    If you want the more detailed report with goes with it please feel free to email me as i am unable to attach it here

    Hope this helps

    Best regards

    Kate Browne
    Occupational Health Physiotherapist
    StaySafe Handling
    Ph/Fax:(09) 360 1751
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