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    Ann Newsom

    I have just visited a facility for people with mild to moderate intellectual disability They have one unit with several hospital level residents
    Staff are having difficulty turning these residents 2 hourly at night as there is only one carer on duty from 11pm to 7 am.
    They have electric beds, basic air mattresses ,slide sheets ,and a Birdie floor hoist
    Ideally they need 2 staff on at night but would a turning sling or the inflatable roller device work with one carer
    Any suggestions would be welcome
    Ann Newsom
    PS Do residents need to be turned 2 hourly on an air mattress?

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    Megan Ransley

    Hi Ann,

    So I have had some success with the bed management system with one carer turning. It is basically a system that stays on the bed and the sheets etc are made on top of it. One doesn’t need to take it in and out… its always there ready to be used. Its two very low friction surfaces which allow the person to be moved easily with one carer in any direction. It can be used alone or with a ceiling or a floor hoist. Floor hoist slightly more planning getting the hoist in position over the bed but basically the hoist provides the power to aid a turn. The system has a slide-on brake which means when one doesn’t want the client on the low friction surface it can become a regular surface. Its used in combination with positioning wedges to support someone in side lying
    Check it out here.. probably best explained via a video. This from the English suppliers.

    Bed management system
    Twin sheet

    This a link to the manufactures, Morton&Perry distribute this in NZ
    Immedia bed management

    My understanding is that yes indeed people do still require regular turns even if on air mattresses.

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    Hi Ann
    Your idea of air assist devices is a good one. As long as there are side rails on the bed this would be a technique that single carers could use.
    We demonstrate the Hovertech QT Roller in our yearly Moving and Handling update session. Several of our rehab, surgical and larger patients have benefited from using these.
    The patient still requires 2 hourly turning on an air mattress.
    Kind regards

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