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      Gillian Purkis

      I have been tasked with getting an overview of what training other DHBs provide for staff required to undertake manual handling that does not involve patient movement i.e. in CSSD, cleaners or orderlies. Please can you let me know if training provided is face to face or e learning, is it mandatory and how frequently is retraining required?

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      Hi, I work at a private hospital not a DHB. Moving & Handling has been a focus of ours for the past year and our moving & handling program is mandatory for all workers. We use a combination of online and face to face (alternative years). The training is specific to the area where the person works

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      Hi Gillian

      At SCDHB all our moving and handling is face to face. When I first started about 18mths ago we had only clinical moving and handling. Orderlies are classed as clinical as they have helped with transfers etc. Cleaners and kitchen staff are contractors so we don’t train them, but in past jobs I have and they are definitely an area that should have face to face and have some practical components in there as they are a high risk area for MSD. I started doing a generic moving and handling for non-clinical staff for about 6 months before deciding that its not really good enough. I now do separate moving and handling for areas and have found this to work best as you can make it more relevant to them, which I have listed below (may have miss an area).
      – Maintenance
      – Office staff
      – Laundry
      – Social workers etc.
      – CSU
      – Store/supplies
      – NASC
      I’m also now looking at doing a different one for district nurses (clinical) as their moving and handling is different again. Moving and handling is only highly recommended every two years. Some areas are happy to do it others (Maintenance) not so much but did attend.

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