Theatre case moving and handling

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    Joanne Morton

    Hi, In operating theatre our HCA’s are required to lift heavy theatre cases from the floor to a bench or table, and a staff member has just returned from being on ACC with a back injury. They can decant some gear out, but this does not alleviate the situation. Space you could imagine is at a premium. Any ideas or suggestions around what equipment may be suitable to assist with this situation. How does your hospital manage this risk? Thanks in advance Joanne

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    Hi Joanne,
    I’m new to the Moving and Handling position in the Wairarapa but I came across an identical issue yesterday. I have yet to thoroughly investigate, but the Manager has reduced the weight of their cases from 14kg to between 7 and 9kg. I will find out more info on how they did it and let you know. Julia

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    Kate Browne

    Hi there

    I work with the Southern Cross hospital network and we installed univators to do this job .
    Univator – this is from cooper Medical

    There has also been a national loan set project in NZ with the aim of reducing the crate size 7.5 kg .

    This means no heavy orthopaedic loan sets ariving in the hospitals any more.


    Kate Browne
    Occupational Health Physiotherapist
    StaySafe Handling
    Mobile: 021 507023

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    Megan Ransley

    Hi guys,

    I have used this scoop stretcher with good success to move a client from floor to trolley or bed. It goes through the MRI machines too if needed.
    A floor hoist (or ceiling) can be used and the 300kg Mover is able to get around legs of theater tables generally. We have this system working in many DHBs and also in Morgues where regular slings are not useful.

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