Sustained postures & maximum push loads for one staff person

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    Glenda Rickerby

    Hi, does any one have ideas about reducing the risks of sustained postures for staff working in a baby unit?

    Also, does any one have any information about the maximum recommended load for one staff person to push a load?


    Glenda Rickerby, Southern DHB manual handling co-ordinator, Otago site

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    Nicky Curran

    Hi Glenda – This was one of my favourite hobby horses when working for the DHB’s –

    See Grandjean (Fitting the task to the person – 5th ed) Table on forces for pushing and pulling p 140 (this is 1991 n could have been surpassed) – and you can hire a metre to demonstrate – we never got round to it but would love to hear if you do. There is info on initiation force and sustained force. NB cornering for beds – it is rarely in a single direction


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    Hi Glenda

    Regarding the maximum recommended load for one staff person to push a load
    HSE (Health and Safety Executive) website has information and a risk assessment tool on pushing and pulling that you may find helpful.
    Hope this helps

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    Angela Greetham
    Hi Glenda,
    Here is an excellent calculator to use for pushing/pulling a load, from Worksafe NZ,

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    That is great. Very useful!!

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