Supine to sit from Nuclear medicine bed


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    Our radiology department are having trouble sitting large patients from supine when lying on the skinny nuclear medicine bed.
    There is nothing for them to push or pull themselves up with/from.
    I have suggested the engineers attach a pulley system from the ceiling but apparently our ceilings aren’t that strong.
    Any ideas?

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    Fletcher Suckling

    Hi Julie, Hovertech International are working on a solution to this currently. They have a product called the Sit-Assist which they are hoping to release sometime this year. It is designed for the exact purpose you describe. I have seen a prototype of this product but it is yet to be released for purchase, I will find out when we can expect to see this. Happy to send you further information in the meantime Julie?

    Many thanks.

    Fletcher Suckling
    National Product Manager 0211662143

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    I spoke to the team about Hover options and they said the scanner works through the bed so it isn’t ideal to have anything under the patient unfortunately.

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    Angela Greetham

    Hi Julie,
    The sit assist could be used after the patient has had their scan so would not interfere with the imaging process,
    We are all waiting eagerly for this product to arrive!!

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    Megan Ransley

    Hi Julie,
    Immedia have a bed ladder, it could be looped on the bottom of the table (if there is something to secure it around or through) the patient can use that to hand over hand self assist to sit. Low cost simple solution, might be worth a look. Easy to take on and off so can be well away for the actual imaging.

    Bed ladder

    Meg Ransley
    Physiotherapist Morton&Perry

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    Kate Browne

    The other alternative is to bring a bed in and use a Pat slide and slide sheet for the patient to shuffle themsleves across or be transfered and use the bed electrics to do the rest.


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    imaging in oncology here have a bed ladder type of self-assist bolted to the wall frame at the end of the scanner room that works a treat. they have a carabiner so that it doesnt always have to be there but strong if required.

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