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      Eleanor Barrett

      Does anyone have experience of using a stand aid hoist with a person who has both knees fixed in extension? Currently leans forward and almost rolls hips upwards, pivoting between the armrest on one side and using elbow crutch on other side. Has reduced power following fracture femur and carer pulling on left arm or belt to assist. Patient does not have a problem with this pattern of movement as mainly how he moved historically, but I have a problem with the postures adopted by the carers assisting. Patient used stand aid in the past and liked it, even though he says one leg is off the footplate to allow the leg to pass the side of the shin pads. Will try with shin pads removed but just wondered if anyone else seen something similar?

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      Ann Newsom

      How did you manage this scenario Just testing so let me know if this comes through

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      Vicki Devery

      Hi – I had a patient similar to this. I used a standing hoist that had a removable foot plate. Once the person was stood they were then able to mobilise. With these types of patients the type of chair they sit in is crucial. Good luck 🙂

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