Overhead hoists: Ceiling and gantry

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    Hi all,
    I’m from HBDHB and we have 1 ceiling hoist in a ward bedroom.
    We are currently trialling a gantry.
    I feel that our hospital needs to invest in more overhead hoists.
    Can you please tell me how many overhead hoists your hospitals have, whether they are ceiling versus gantry, and which departments they are in.

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    Michelle Nevil

    Hi Julie,
    Whanganui DHB have been going through a long process to have senior management support more ceiling hoists too.
    Currently we have a total of 6 in our ATR department, one of those between parallel bars in the gym and one is designed to be used with 2 motors and accommodate a patient weighing 350kg.
    We would like ceiling hoists in all acute wards. And are proposing the need for one to span a 2 bedded space and bathroom if possible. This would include surgical, medical, and CCU wards. The emergency department would also benefit too.
    We have been informed that some of our ceilings are not reinforced to hold a ceiling hoist.
    Engineering questions and barriers is part of the problem.
    Gantry hoists can be useful when the roof is an issue.
    We had an unsuccessful trial of a gantry hoist in our CCU. Unfortunately it took up too much room and became a tripping hazard and made the room too cluttered with other essential patient care equipment.
    We should try a different brand. However I personally see gantry hoists as an interim solution but ultimately we should strive for ceiling hoists.

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi Julie
    SCDHB has one gantry in AT&R. We have recently installed the Maxi sky plus (double motor) ceiling hoist which has a SWL of 454kg in Medical ward. The tracks go to both beds in the room and through to the shower and toilet. The ceiling hoist was put into medical instead of AT&R due to the ceiling in AT&R couldn’t hold the weight.


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    Angela Greetham

    Hi Julie, here is a list of our ceiling units and room coverings
    Skills lab SWL 225
    Skills lab SWL 205
    4A orthopaedic SWL 255 x 2 unit’s portable
    Room Cover 27, 38, 47-48, 49, 57-58
    3A/B/C Surgical SWL 375 x 1 unit plus SWL 225 x 1 unit portable
    Room cover 6, 7-8, 21-22, 27-28, bathroom, 46, 56, 67,
    2A/B/C Medical SWL 385 x 1 unit SWL 255 x 1 unit portable, plus SWL 360 x 1 unit
    Room cover 5, 6, 7-8, 21-22, 27-28, 39-40, 46, 56, 67
    HDU/ICU/CCU SWL 250 x 5 units room cover 1-4, 3, 7-10, 2, 4, 5, 6,
    GYM Rehab SWL 250 x 1 unit
    HIA Rehab SWL 360 x 1 unit room cover 45-36
    ACU SWL 500 x 1 unit
    Medical ward SWL 500 x 1 unit plus SWL 250 x 1 unit plus SWL 250 x 1 unit portable room cover 3 rooms plus bathroom
    Surgical ward SWL 500 x 1 unit room cover 3 rooms
    PACU/SAU SWL 250 x 1 unit room cover 4 beds
    We do have a Gantry in the skills lab WHK as the ceiling cannot be modified and this works well but would not work in the ward areas

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