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    yesterday the Canterbury MHANZ group looked at a demo model designed in part by engineering students at UC.
    interesting play.
    youtube video link on the home page of their website if you want to have a wee look.

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    Hello Rebecca,
    Did you have an opportunity to try it out? It is great to have other options as standing hoists provide lots of challenges for our residents and carers, but I couldn’t help but thinking it looked a bit scary for the user? Plus possibly a bit undignified? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Hi Rebecca and Ellen

    I’m the CEO of HT Systems, the company that has developed the Kera patient lifter. We have developed the Kera as a quick and easy way for a single carer to transfer patients between sitting positions.

    We’ve worked with a number of Care facilities, rest homes and health professionals in the development of our lifter. The majority of patients we have transferred love the experience especially the speed and security of the transfer – They also are positive about the comfort of the transfer position.

    Our Kera patient lifter is totally mechanical (i.e. not powered) and has a small footprint for storage and manoeuvrability.

    We are really happy to come out and demo our lifter to you. You can contact us through our website



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    Anne McMahon

    I have to say its really worth while having a look and a play with this. Its not a sit to stand hoist, once you get your head round that, (as I had to) its easier to place the use. The video is not my favorite but working with the actual machine and proper instruction is really worth while. Richard is kindly bringing the equipment to our team day in December so the whole M&H Educator team can have a look.

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