Moving of patient and bed from theatre

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      Michelle Nevil

      Hi All,
      Using the steering function and pushing a bed from the foot end is known to be the safest way to move a patient and bed.
      However when I have discussed this with nursing staff from our theatre and surgical wards they advise me that if the patient is going head first down the hall following surgery they are more likely to feel nauseous and so do not follow these recommendations. Instead they are pushing the bed from the head end so that the patient can see where they are going. They have a second nurse/assistant pull and guide the bed since the steering function does not work when you push from the head end. My concern is the pushing and pulling forces and possibly twisting postures.
      When I researched this there appeared to be mixed opinion in the literature and certainly some supporting the need for the patient to see where they are going post surgery to prevent nausea.
      What are your thoughts?

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      Julie Moffett

      We also encourage/insist pushing from the foot end for the reasons you have put.
      Interestingly, we have never had that given as a reason not too. I wonder if the nauseous patients have their heads too flat so the “ceiling rushing past” contributes to the nausea.

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        Michelle Nevil

        Thanks for your support Julie.
        Have training with staff scheduled next week and it would be great to tell them that Hawkes Bay staff comply with the recommendations.

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      Of interest Arjo are releasing breakthrough technology for medical bed transport see link…
      also our Citadel Plus (Bariatric) bed already has the power drive option which facilitates one person transport for patients weighing up to 454Kg.
      Happy to connect you to the rep that looks after your territory.
      Michelle and Julie you both know about the Citadel Plus but Indigo is new.
      Annette Moffatt Territory Manager Arjo

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