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    I’m working in a small DHB as a Moving and Handling Coordinator. Wanting to find out how equipment for manual handling is funded in other DHBs e.g. whether individual departments fund it / central funding pool / case by case basis. This is for all items including items such as bariatric beds / chairs, single patient use hovermats etc. Any information or advice would be appreciated. Many thanks

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    Michelle Nevil

    Hi Julia, I work at another small DHB, currently equipment that is specific for an area/ward is funded by that area.
    Single use Hovermats are funded by specific areas too but ideally I see this as an organisational cost.
    We managed to get a separate budget for bariatric equipment. What we found is that we had to put together some work demonstrating the need for equipment so that the finance department could allocate specific funding for the following financial year.
    Our bariatric equipment is stored in a central location and orderly request made for delivery.

    Hope this helps.

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    Angela Greetham

    Each area has a Capex ie.$10,000 and the CNM’s are able to purchase their equipment needs. If the total purchase order is over Capex then it will be an Organisational cost. In this case present your plan to the nurse Leaders, hope this helps, kind regards, Angela

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    Hi Michelle,

    Are you able to give any indication of the funding you were able to achieve for your bariatric equipment?

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