Moving and Handling E-learning

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    Angela Greetham

    My question is, has any-one developed have a moving and handling course on e-learning/Midland Learning? I would be interested to view the course,
    thank you, Angela Greetham

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    Anne McMahon

    Hi Angela
    No we havent but are looking to in 2017

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    Glenda Rickerby

    CDHB have an e-learning programme that we are using at Southern for revalidation. Only just starting out so not sure how it will go.

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    Angela Greetham

    I have just developed a training package with the help of the e-learning co-ordinator, will be ready soon, this will give more time for the practical sessions.
    The course is 30 minuets long and is interactive with a small quiz at the end. This will be a prerequisite prior to attending the Refresher training.

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    Ann Newsom

    No but I think for the health and safety part and introduction to moving and handling e learning is the way to go.However staff have to have access to a computer preferably at work. At the moment carers in Rest Homes do not.
    However there must always be some practical problem solving
    Some of the AAMHP members have mentioned e learning. Try putting a question on their discussion forum
    Ann Newsom
    Therapy Professionals

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