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    Joanne Morton

    Hi, I am after some advice, or suggestions. I have a maternity unit wanting to know the best way to extract a in labour mum out of the birthing pool. The room is too small for a hoist to fit in beside the pool. look forward to hearing from you. Joanne

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    Jessie Snowdon

    What a fabulous question! I haven’t had experience with this but I wonder about the same technique as a normal pool evac when there is no hoist which is a water stretcher lifted to the side and then onto same height bed. However I would think this was a multiple staff emergency only kind of technique? I personally remember climbing out of a birthing pool holding my newborn and thinking in my post-birth confused brain that it was pretty dodgy. Looking forward to others comments.

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    Anne McMahon

    Good question Jo, I believe every birthing pool should have a ceiling track above it. Its the only way to get the mother out of either she or the baby are in trouble safely. It is also documented on page 273 of the guidelines ‘birthing pools need ceiling tracking above for handling and emergency evacuations’. Ive yet to see one but should an emergency happen the precedent has been set by the guidelines.

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    Angela Greetham

    Hi Joanne,
    We at the BOPDHB had the same problem when a mother collapsed during the birth in a birthing pool and the staff member was injured. We had the room assessed for the ceiling track but unfortunately the walls were not strong enough for this action. So we removed the front plinth of the pool for the hoist to fit underneath and bought a mobile hoist and 3 mesh slings of 3 sizes ready to go in an emergency. We trained all the staff how to use the equipment.

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    Megan Ransley

    Hi all,

    Just a note on this one. Molift now have a four point gantry system that does not need to fix into walls or ceiling It can freestand with four posts tucked into the corners of the room. It wont cause a trip hazard like other 2 footed gantries. The H rail moves inside the frame so it has a good lifting window. One can have a lower cost entry level motor if its an occasional use situation or a larger 350kg motor if its to get more and varied use.

    This could easily fit over a pool and the engineering need is minimal

    Quattro hoist

    Megan Ransley

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    Hi, I have been making enquiries about this for our birthing unit. We don’t have capacity for ceiling hoists.
    Silvalea have a Maternity Evac sling that looks good – it would be used with a guerney stretcher to slide the mum onto.

    This is the link to have a look at the video. Cubro is the distributor for Silvalea so I’ve asked for them to get them in, but they are wondering if other departments would also want them.
    I don’t know if it could be used with the Gantry hoist but both options could be great.

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    Megan Ransley

    Hi Julie,
    This is essentially what we did with Angela Greetham at Whakatane hospital with a regular mesh sling and a in that case a floor hoist instead of manual lift. We had to use a floor hoist there as the walls and ceiling were not up to fixing a ceiling gantry system and the ward wanted the hoist to cover the ward too. Gantry would be ideal space wise for sure and four point H system would be the tip top for positioning and avoiding the gantry legs. The pool at Whakatane was pretty deep so a manual lift was just out of the question really.

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