Lifting limbs – ELK Lifting Cushion

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      I have been working with the DN manager to help find a solution for her nurses who are out in the community lifting legs to do woundcare. I know I have posted something before about this in the past. Limb sling are no good as they didn’t have a hoist in their house nor did they need one for other tasks. We had tried the manual leg lifter but that didn’t work either. We now think that we may have found the solution. We thought that the ELK lifting cushion could work. We have Active healthcare come and do a demo yesterday for us and we are now going to trial it and see what the DN think of it. It is designed to lift someone off the floor but they don’t see a problem with it been used to lift a leg. This could also be used to get legs up onto a bed.

      I think this may be a really good option for out in the community and thought I would share it with you. I will let you know what the DN think once they have trialed it.


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