International Journal of Safe Patient Handling

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    Eleanor Barrett

    Hello all,
    The MHANZ committee has received the next invoice for our subscription to the International Journal. Before we make this significant payment from your membership money, we thought we should ask how many of you are accessing the journal via the links that are emailed out each quarter. Some hospital libraries have assess to the journal. The alternative is for members to have a reduced personal annual subscription rate (around $25US)
    Please can you reply with a simple yes / no by the end of the month and majority wins.
    Many thanks,
    Treasurer for MHANZ

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    Jessie Snowdon

    I really like access however haven’t been able to access it for months! So if this can be sorted out I would vote to continue. If not continuing then would appreciate the negotiated reduced rate for members.

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    Elizabeth Riley

    I would prefer for access to be simply achieved. Could access come through clicking a link on the MHANZ website?

    Not all members would have access through their work.

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    Joanna Hegarty

    I think having access through MHANZ is preferable for me.

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    Hi Eleanor, I am relatively new to MHANZ and didn’t actuakly know we had access- must have missed the links that were emailed out? Anyway, it would be great to have access this this- I don’t have access at work. Thanks! Ellen

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    Lucie Hartfield

    I prefer access though our membership please.
    I have accessed them in the past with no problem but haven’t done so recently.

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    Angela Greetham

    Just tried to log on and not allowing access

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