Idres for an aged care hospital patient who has had several falls out of bed.

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    Ann Newsom

    Has anyone ideas on how to prevent a hospital level care patient from rolling out of bed The staff have tried foam wedges but they have not been successful Thanks Ann Newsom

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    Yvonne Harris

    Hi Ann,

    I presume you are using a low to the floor bed and a mattress on the floor for the person to roll out on?
    I don’t know how mobile this person is.
    It is possible to get cot sides for low to the floor beds that provide some sensory feedback so the person knows that they have reached the edge of the bed. However, if using even soft padded cot sides, you will need to operate the restraint minimisation protocols for your organisation and they may be an injury hazard if the person has the ability to climb over them even at floor level.
    You could try an invisibeam alarm that will alert the nurses to re=position the person back in the middle of the bed.

    Kind regards

    Yvonne Harris

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    Elizabeth Greenbank

    Maybe a perimeter mattress?

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    Ann Newsom

    Hi Yvonne
    Yes we have a low to floor bed and mattress on the floor. We are generally not allowed to use cot sides .I haven’t heard of an invisibeam but they do have sensor mats on the floor.I sometimes think the beds are too narrow for some larger residents! Thanks for your reply Ann

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    Yvonne Harris

    You could look into having a wider bed. Cubro do a reasonably priced super single that is 110cm wide. This gives more room to turn for a larger person who can’t turn on the spot like we do.
    I have not seen a perimeter mattress. I will have a look….

    Kind regards


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    Hi Ann
    Are they trying to get out of bed and fall? Or are they rolling over in bed and falling out?

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    Ann Newsom

    Hi Angela
    They are rolling out Regards

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    Rebecca Washbourn

    Hi there,
    i think that a wider bed is correlated with a significant reduction in falls from bed – but cant remember where i heard that.
    i have also suggested sensor pads ON the bed.
    perimeter mattress edges seem to be pretty successful anecdotally at one place that i visit.

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