Health and safety at work (General Risk management) Regulations 2016

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    Morning all, Im a health and safety Inspector with WorkSafe. Our publication regarding manual handling in the health care setting can be found here

    it covers duties of PCBU’s to manage the risk of manual handling. In terms of mandatory training our legislation isn’t specific in terms of saying manual handling training is required, we go back to managing the risk which of course includes training. You can get more specific info on training from the regs

    Health and Safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016
    Reg 9 Duty to provide information, supervision, training and instruction
    The PCBU must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that everyworker who carries out work of any kind uses plant of any kind, or deals with a substance of any kind that is capable of causing a risk in the workplace;
    (b) is adequately training in the safe use of-
    (i) all plant, objects, substances or equipment that the worker is or may be required to use or handle.

    I hope that helps

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    Kate Browne

    Hi Kylie

    Thanks for your comments from WorkSafe’s perspective.
    With regards to WorkSafe’s guidance material it states clearly that a moving and handling programme with multiple components is the effective way to reduce M & H related injuries among health care workers but that training workers in people moving and handling techniques alone is ineffective in reducing injuries.
    This aligns with current research to date.

    As you have mentioned training is still a required component with regards to equipment use, however WorkSafe’s guidance material also states that workers should be engaged in the process of identifying hazards so as to be able to follow a systematic approach to identify all potential hazards.
    Additionally training related to moving and handling is also included as a risk managment strategy in Section 4 “Risk management, Worker assessment (individual)”.
    It could therefore be said that area based tailored training which includes risk management and M & H technique is an essential component for a PCBU to ensure they are managing the high level of risk associated with the M & H of people.

    There are still many organisations that I come across who have yet to address their workers M & H risk and instead seem to be putting in the bare minimum such as hoist training.
    It is great to know that there are people like yourself with a focus in this area who can assist organisations with developing their M & H programmes to address the safety of a workforce that is at high risk of injury.

    Kate Browne
    Occupational Health Physiotherapist
    StaySafe Handling
    Ph/Fax:(09) 360 1751
    Mobile: 021 507023

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    Joanne Morton

    Hi everyone
    I ma the Safe Moving and Handling Coordinator and I am wondering how other Coordinators or similar get revalidated each year. It has been suggested to me that my trainers I have trained can revalidate me each year. Any ideas or what happens in your area? Thanks Jo

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