Gait Belts or Transfer belts?

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    Joanna Hegarty

    Just been asked to review the “state of play ” around the term used for the belts we use for steadying clients around the waist.
    I believe they should not be called transfer belts because of that words implication with lifting. There is also some controversy among my colleagues over when they should be used.
    I would appreciate any helpful comments to help clarify this.
    Also has anyone any policy about cleaning them. Thanks

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    Hi Joanna

    At my DHB most people call them a transfer belt but worse yet I have heard some people call them a lifting belt. I like the name Walk belt but maybe be because we called then that in Australia. I’ll check to see if we have a written procedure for cleaning them and let u know.

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    Hi, We do use “Transfer Belt” but specifically point out they are not to be referred to as “Lifting belts.”
    I quite like “transfer” as they are so helpful in assisting actions such as chair to chair transfer on a banana board etc.

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    Nicola Watson

    Hi. I work in a private hospital facility that has recently changed the policy term ‘Transfer belt’ to ‘Gait Belt’. This change has been part of the organisational culture shift toward making sure staff are aware they are not to be used for lifting residents. Our transfer belts are issued to individuals and laundered as needed.

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    Hi Joanna

    I talked to one of the physio’s and she called them handling belt, which I like. They use wipes for cleaning them and when they need to they send them to the laundry.

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    Joanna Hegarty

    Hi Everyone

    Thanks for the replies – I have since found the Cubro instructions for their belts which is quite useful.
    Unfortunately I can’t find a link for it but I am sure they would send it to you if anyone was keen.

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