Flat sheets vs fitted bed sheets

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    Eleanor Barrett

    Todays question is mainly for DHB workers – what are most of you using under patients on beds in terms of fitted or flat sheets. Do you have a policy about using the flat sheet as an aid to turning and to place slide sheets underneath.
    Please can you reply so I can take this information back to the M&H steering committee to be able to encourage change, the committee wants to compare this DHB with others.

    Very many thanks

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    At HBDHB fitted sheets are used as bottom sheet.
    No, we don’t use a flat sheet on top of the slidesheet – just 2 layers of slidesheet.

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    Angela Greetham

    We use fitted sheets on most beds and flat sheets on the beds which are using an air mattress,
    We use the flat sheet only and 3 slide sheets to assist when turning a patient as recommended in the 2012 Moving and handling people: The New Zealand Guidelines.
    Kind regards,

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    Anne McMahon

    Hi all
    We found through years of trial and error (in multiple areas) that a fitted sheet and a flat sheet works best for patients needing assistance with slide sheets. The patient is better protected as less chance of bare skin against the mattress. The staff have better purchase/grip using the top flat sheet with the top slide sheet. We did have some resistance re cost but in reality whats the cost of laundering an extra sheet compared to the cost of an injury to either staff, patient or both!

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