External stair access issues

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    Eleanor Barrett

    Hello, I have a palliative care patient who has approx 20 narrow concrete steps, not in a straight line from her garage to the back door. Any suggestions for hire/purchase of something to allow her to get in/out of the property while she is still keen to go out. Husband tried bumping her up and down but he felt this was very unsafe and won’t do it. Currently has to have ambulance transport to hospital appointments for chemo She has lost condition and confidence on the stairs – rehab is probably not appropriate in light of her condition. Thinking of something portable rather than fixed – stairlift chair or platform out of financial reach. Husband looked at evacuation system but these are ok for getting out and down stairs not for going back up.
    Any ideas please?

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    Amy McKeown

    This could be an option, I was able to get them funded in the UK there are a few types one that attaches to a wheelchair and there’s another that has a seat on it that folds up. It was easy to train the carers but they still need to be able to guide the machine. if the concrete steps are stable it could work.


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