Evacuation Sheet slipping

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    Hi All,
    HBDHB recently went through a security lock down and discovered that there were no evacuation sheets under the mattresses for evacuating patients.
    Because of that there was a rush to purchase and place evacuation sheets under all mattresses but the staff are finding they cause the mattress to slip and slide during manual handling procedures.
    Is anyone else having this trouble?
    It is the evac sheet sliding on the bed that is the issue. We’ve tried using a non-slip mat between them but this didn’t work.
    I’m wondering about strapping/sticking the evac sheet to the bed somehow. IPC have said Velcro is not an option.
    Any ideas??

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    Hi again,
    I haven’t had any replies to this unfortunately.
    Can anyone from an organisation/DHB with a multi story facility tell me what your procedure is to evacuate bed bound patients in an emergency.
    Thanks loads

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    Hi Julie,
    We have internal fire cells and aim to evacuate horizontally in the first instance. We evacuate patients in the following order – mobile, semi-mobile & non-mobile. If we have to evacuate a building via stair wells we have evacuation chairs in our stair lobbies to use. Patients would be taken on beds as far as close as they can to the stairs and if time portable hoist used to get from bed to evac chair. If time is limited then manually moved. Hope this helps

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