DHB supplied hoists for community care clients


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      Debra Peters

      I am interested to hear perspectives regarding the introduction/supply of a hoist into the home of a person receiving DHB / MOH funded cares.
      I would like to know if there are thoughts that the DHB /MOH should be liaising with the Community provider about this?
      if there should be a partnership arrangement on getting the Support carers trained to safely use this equipment?

      Perhaps this should be part of discharge planning and MDT discussion?

      Where does the responsibility lie – with the supplier of the equipment ?( that it is maintained and working correctly/safely)
      or with the community provider – delegating the carers to use it with a Client at home? ….. or both?

      Should training be provided for the carers IN the DHB prior to Client discharge?
      How would you get support workers trained who live in a remote / rural area ? (not accessible to the DHB)

      Pay Equity rates – good as they are, DO NOT cover all the training costs/needs of the workforce

      Then there is the question of maintained competency? – How long is this? Does it cover ALL types of Hoist?
      Allocated funding sometimes does NOT cover two people using the hoist – what then?

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      Edward Bishop

      Hi Debra – i’d love to have a chat with you about this and what we are able to offer. Be free to drop me an email edward@activehealthcare.co.nz

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      Kate Edmond

      The contract with Enable states “When equipment has been supplied we must ensure the equipment is set up correctly and safely for the person to use, explain to the person and/or their family, whanau or support person, how to use the equipment. Explain to the person, how to maintain the equipment and who to contact for repairs” Section 8.2.4 of MoH EMS Equipment Manual.

      Kate Edmond CCDHB

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      Debra Peters

      thanks for the contract information. Not sure if we were aware of that so will look further.

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      Hi Kate,
      who is the ‘we’ – do you mean the prescribing therapist?
      how does that sit with us for ongoing training and assessing competency with changes in carer, or for long term use of equipment – ie doing follow ups after 12. 18 24 months?!?

      sounds like a potential can of worms!

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