Bariatric bed Linet Image 3XXL

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      Michelle Nevil

      Hi All,

      We are currently trialling the Linet Image 3 XXL bed that Active Healthcare have brought to the NZ market.
      Can you please let me know if your organisation has purchased this bed and if so how many?
      Would be interested in any other feedback too.

      Kind regards,

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      Julie Moffett

      Hi Michelle,
      We trialled it and ended up buying 2 last year.
      Overall they are great: go lower than normal, much easier to manoeuvre and handle, affordable.
      There are some things to be aware of: – At its lowest point it may not fit your mobile hoist under it. With a bariatric patient (without a ceiling hoist) you need that extra clearance for a mobile hoist. If you’re using a ceiling hoist this won’t be a problem.
      – It took months to arrive after ordering, far longer than originally promised (not helped by dock strikes)
      – If you need to get parts they may have to come in from overseas which takes it out of action for about a week

      Overall though, we are pleased. We have now had them since October I think. Happy to chat if that helps.

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      Michelle Nevil

      Hi Julie,

      Thank you for your feedback on the bed.
      Yes the fact that it is able to go low to ground for mobile patients is what I like about it.

      Thanks Michelle

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