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      Anne McMahon

      Good afternoon

      There will be a MHANZ plans going out to you all soon but this is additonal and formal notice of the MHANZ AGM at the end of Christchurch road show. The meeting purpose is to update members and allow for re-election of offices i.e. Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. The society rules around this are as follows:

      7.1 Nominations for members of the Committee shall be called for at least 14 days before a General Meeting. Each candidate shall be proposed and seconded in writing by Members and the completed nomination delivered to the Secretary. Nominations shall close at 5pm on the fifth day before the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary shall email details of all nominations to members at least two days before the Annual General Meeting. All retiring members of the Committee shall be eligible for re-election.

      7.2 Any person wishing to hold a role (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary or Website) should be a serving committee member for at least the previous year.

      7.2 If the position of any Committee Member becomes vacant between Society Meetings, the Committee can appoint another Committee Member to fill that vacancy until the next Society Meeting.

      7.3 If any Committee Member is absent from three consecutive meetings without leave of absence the Chairperson may declare that person’s position to be vacant.

      If you would like to join the committee or nominate a candidate please submit to the secretary ( by the 2nd of November.


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