Reply To: Seated positioning system


Megan Ransley

Totally agree with the above post from Ellen. If one can avoid and prevent the slide then it’s a win.

The Vela chair from Morton&Perry might be of interest to the people posting here. Its for the more active client but one who finds a regular dining type chair unhelpful for sitting. One needs support and good friction (thighs, lateral trunk, tilt) to assist an upright and active posture, the traditional table chair is just useless on this front once body tone is diminished. Tilt both posterior and anterior. Elevate for foot positioning, adjustable arms that are low enough to go under tables or flip away, excellent well fitting back and thigh support etc. The Vela chair can give people the ability to engage in activities and meals where a ordinary or large positioning chair cant. Please let me know if you would like more info. I think these might fit a need not yet explored in NZ, I’ve had good success with these chairs for all sorts of people.

On the, we tried everything but just cant prevent the sliding… we offer this solution. The one way glides. Use with caution, one must take steps to mitigate shear (Educate staff on the dangers of shear and use of a glide glove to allow the skin on the bottom to “release” once repositioned) but they can be very good.