Reply To: New Zealand Patient Handling Guidelines- review??


Anne McMahon

Hi Ellen
As far as I am aware the only update was the condensing of the 2012 document for the Worksafe website. That was done a couple of years ago. Many MHANZ members delivered robust and thorough feedback to the first draft but no acknowledgement of this was given. There was no evidence of any of that feedback being integrated into the final product. I would be keen for the Guidelines to be updated, they were always intended to be a living document to evolve and develop with progress in knowledge and technology.
If any MHANZ member is aware of this could you please post on the forum or PM me? I feel it is very important that subject matter experts, those involved and responsible for M&H programmes and the people actually doing the work, be represented in any revision.
I will update you all if i hear anything further.