Reply To: Single Handed Care

Megan Ransley

Hi all.
I know in the UK and Europe single handed care is very much the norm or at least the preferred first option. It does seem to be somewhat budget driven and an attempt to make the work force which is short handed stretch further. That said because it is pushed hard by those policies there have been some good responses by suppliers of manual handling equipment. Immedia are a part of Molift and I was interested to see at the Molift conference last year that they are the leading supplier of single handed bed mobility equipment to assist solo carers. Its not all high cost equipment and it can really help to know its available.

Morton&Perry will be sponsoring Ole Lindahl Thy to visit and present at the first annual Assistive Technology Suppliers New Zealand conference. His talk is titled ” Is it possible to implement safe patient handling with a reduced number of carers?” It is on 23rd May in Auckland and he is speaking from 1pm.

Drop me a line if you would like to know more on that conference, its not entirely directed at manual handling but I can send the programme if anyone is keen.
Megan Ransley