Reply To: ACC Workshops @ Move It Again! 2018

Michelle Nevil

• 1: What is your role/job title? Manual handling injury prevention coordinator. I sent these questions out to members of our manual handling champion program. An RN from OPD responded, a radiographer, an RN from extended forensic and our health and safety coordinator.
• I have summarized their answers and my response below.
2: What are the 3 main barriers you face when it comes to moving and handling people safely?
(1)All respondents felt that having enough staff available to help with a safe transfer was the main problem. Our H&S coordinator felt that this may be a perceived problem and unfortunately Trendcare does not always take into account increased staffing needs and time for bariatric patients.
(2)Not enough time to complete the task safely including a thorough risk assessment and mobility plan. To include encouraging the patient to assist and move themselves and or understand why staff need to use certain equipment. Time and staffing levels are certainly linked. Having equipment readily available, “out of sight out of mind”.
(3)In some areas workplace culture of “she’ll be right”, which I feel would improve with Ministry of Health initiatives and leadership. As a manual handling coordinator one of my barriers is…… much needed equipment not being budgeted for prior to this role existing. Facility design not accommodating ceiling hoists or doors, rooms and bathrooms being too small to accommodate larger equipment.
3: Does your workplace, in your opinion, have a basic Moving & Handling programme? E.g. a policy that includes training and equipment and consideration of moving and handling in facility design? Yes to all
4: Would you like hear more about the initiatives from the Workplace Safety team?