Reply To: ACC Workshops @ Move It Again! 2018

Glenda Rickerby

1. What is your role/job title? Moving & handling coordinator.
2. What are the 3 main barriers you face when it comes to moving and handling people safely?
Lack of resourcing for trainers to be able to deliver training within their areas
Unable to coordinate training across areas due to lack of resourcing for coordinator role & trainers’ roles
Lack of management recognition of the importance of moving & handling resourcing – lack of Government input & financial commitment to appropriately resource staff involved in the vital role of moving & handling to reduce staff & patient injury as a result of moving & handling activities.
Need all of the above Anne McMahon
3. Presence of a Workplace programme? A loose programme, Limited equipment consideration & resourcing for equipment maintenence & I am not sure of facility design – it is not something I have not been asked to have much input into.
4. Re initiatives from Workplace Safety – Yes please