Reply To: ACC Workshops @ Move It Again! 2018


1: What is your role/job title? Senior Moving and Handling Educator
2: What are the 3 main barriers you face when it comes to moving and handling people safely?
(1)Not all workers have embraced the safety culture in M&H even after they have attended training
(2)There is often pressure on staff to “just get it done” and this makes moving patients more hazardous for both staff and patient
(3)Even with the ACC guidelines (2012)there is not mandatory responsibility to follow these for Facility design leading to new building which cannot always accommodate larger beds and equipment

3: Does your workplace, in your opinion, have a basic Moving & Handling programme? E.g. a policy that includes training and equipment and consideration of moving and handling in facility design?

4: Would you like hear more about the initiatives from the Workplace Safety team?
Yes please