Reply To: ACC Workshops @ Move It Again! 2018

Anne McMahon

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1: What is your role/job title? Moving and Handling Consultant

2: What are the 3 main barriers you face when it comes to moving and handling people safely?
(1) Lack of Ministry of Health advocacy/input/directives that make inclusion of M&H in Health and residential care strategy/budget compulsory
(2) Lack of compulsory and specific consideration for M&H in facility refurbishment and design, e.g. ceiling hoists AND ratio/design of them
(3) Perception – often nice to have for an expendable workforce is the perception, instead of the potentially catastrophic or therapeutic effects on both workforce and patients

3: Does your workplace, in your opinion, have a basic Moving & Handling programme? E.g. a policy that includes training and equipment and consideration of moving and handling in facility design? Yes but needs all of the above to be truly business as usual

4: Would you like hear more about the initiatives from the Workplace Safety team? Yes please