Reply To: Manual handling training for doctors?

Kate Browne

Hi Michelle,

I provide training for anaesthetic techs and other theatre staff but would fall over backwards if any of the specialists showed up!
That’s great news to hear you are getting the chance to get the ears of the anaethetists at their monthly meeting.

If I had that opportinuty I would be reinforcing the importance of their role in providing effective coordination of any patient handling including transfers or any repositioning to ensure the patient and their teams safety.
This is because many of them don’t wait for the staff to prepare for the transfer and rush into the call to move,
or don’t take it seriously and change the timing or words used in the transfer which can lead to an uncorodinated transfer resulting in staff being injured.
In our hospitals they are also involved in bed transport of the patient between theatre and recovery/PACU so this woul dalso be a n opportunity to include bed height adjustment, and working together in a coordinated fashion with the person steering the bed to prevent body strain.

The anaesthetic techs assume sustained awkward postures so as well as including lateral transfers and interoperative repostioning, we also focus on self care techniques including reverse postural stretches.
We discuss varying their positions when able, using the table to rest as much of their body as possible,
and emphasise the need to ask and take breaks from their positions where ever possible.
Also varying their roles throughout their shift to avoid accumulative body stress.

All the best in your endeavours