Reply To: Sling purchase – pool or individual areas for special slings

Anne McMahon

The hoists here have a range of sizes available, rather than specific bariatric ones. I think we go up to an XXXL but the standard S,M and L go up to 200kg. We have some sizes (S,M,L and XL) in our pool equipment area and some areas have bought larger sizes themselves. I am aware that the Liko ones go up to 500kg and I think that is in the disposable and re-washable options. If there any supplier members who would like to respond to this please do!

I think there are some real risks in hoisting a person over 200kg (the standard hoist SWL) using a floor hoist. Ceiling tracking would be far safer for patient and carer alike and reduce the space required to transfer. A gantry system installed into an area without ceiling hoists could be a possible solution. That would be my preference but so far has not happened here in this DHB. Any patients exceeding 200kg have routinely been managed using the beds and air assist products until they are ambulating, as far as I am aware. The larger walking frame has been in use recently for those who can mobilise The option for portable gantry systems to my knowledge has not been utilised much in New Zealand.

We don’t have a vascular surgery service so demand for bilateral amputee slings has not happened. We do advise in training these should be purchased by the clinical areas and again have advised to buy for the pool in preparation of need. However we do not hold that budget and can only advise, again to my knowledge there are none stored in our DHB.

Hope that is of some assistance.