Reply To: Hygiene Toileting Slings

Anne McMahon

Hi Joanna

This seems reasonable to me, i can imagine situations where a palliative patient would prefer not to be hoisted for this.

If the sling is applied properly across the sacrum and once he’s on the pan maybe adjusted to make sure it doesn’t end up in the pan, it should be fine. Leaving the sling attached to the hoist, again if possible, could also help keep it in position and the patient in an upright enough position to allow gravity to assist him to empty his bowels properly.

It would be even better if it was a ceiling hoist. Otherwise the back of the bed could be raised and careful placement of the sling to reduce soiling risk.

If its preferred by the patient and can be done safely by the staff then it would be great to continue. An alternative is placing the patient on their side and allowing evacuation to happen naturally possibly with suppositories.

I agree Ann check the sling is big enough and possibly check there is no fear of being hoisted rather than discomfort but for palliative patients really everything is uncomfortable so less hoisting is likely better.